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Great Story of a Ring Found After 50 Years!

Terry Stahurski and Bernie Benewiat sent me this heart warming story :

About a month ago, a woman in Lakewood called me to see if we could find a gold ring she lost 50 years ago at her grandparent's farm (she got my name and number from the club website). She wanted to find it as soon as possible since the farm is being sold and she doesn't know if she will have access to the property. She said when she was about eight years old, she placed the ring on a towel to go swimming in the pond and when she got out of the water, she forgot about the ring and shook the towel and the ring flew off and could not be found. Bernie and I drove down today about 1-1/2 hours to the property (it's located south of Shreve) and she gave us an idea where she thought the ring might be. Bernie and I both hunted the area hard for about two hours and found some modern change, pull tabs, etc. Finally, I got a pull tab type signal about five inches down and it was the ring. She was so happy to get it back that she slipped it on her finger even before washing it. Attached is picture of her with the ring as well as a close up of the ring. It's not a valuable item but just meant a lot to her sentimentally. Bernie and I were both happy for her. We might go down again to search the property for other stuff in the future.


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